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A Customized Circle Calendar

Calendardisc is your online planning tool for year around time management, strategic planning, and administration across the organization. The circular calendar is interactive and provides you with transparency in, and between departments.

Circular calendar

Why choose a circular calendar?

In Scandinavia, it is common to use a circular calendar for administering the organizational year. The circular format is especially great when dealing with cyclical planning processes as you can view the whole year at once and easily repeat and customize the calendar for next year.

Synchronize with Outlook

Synchronize your Outlook calendar with Calendardisc and get your Outlook meetings in a circular calendar for a better overview. You can also send meetings directly from your calendardisc to your Outlook calendar. This enables for a very efficient planning process.

Choose between templates

Choose between templates

We provide you with templates for building schedule-cycles, and you can create your own circle calendar templates.

Experience a great overview

Experience a great overview

With the circle calendar you’ll get a new format for online planning, which gives you an overall view of the annual activities of your organization.

Make the calendar interactive

Make the calendar interactive

You can add your circle calendar to your Intranet, homepage, etc. And you can share it with your co-workers.

Attach files

Attach files

You can attach files such as Excel, Word etc. to your online circle calendar.

You’re in great company!

Here’s what our users say about Calendardisc.

Property management

I love the tool, especially the rings that allow me to plan different marketing “tracks” and their related tasks. I like seeing the year as a cycle, which is exactly how I think of the year for planning purposes, especially those activities that always occur in certain seasons or months. This tool also easily allows me to see where there are gaps in my schedule so I can add content.

– Angela Duea, Communications Specialist

Postnord logo

Nordic postal delivery service

We are very pleased with Calendardisc. We sent some improvement suggestions at the start, and Calendardisc took action right away. We use Calendardisc to plan activities for the whole year – week by week. All our managers have access to the Calendardisc so that they can schedule their meetings based on what is in the Calendardisc each week. We use Calendardisc for multiple things in our company: course planning, leader collections, team meetings, vacation planning, risk analyzes, follow-up of important customers.

– Servet Filizer, Operator

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Home appliances, online

Calendardisc provides us with the opportunity to optimize, both our short termed and long termed planning, and insures us greater synchronization across our organisation.

– Louise Jørgensen, Brand Manager


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Calendardisc is a circular calendar tool that is perfect for organizational planning. The membership is without commitment, as you can cancel your subscription at any time.