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How to Improve Time Management, and Create Transparency

Time management has never been more important than today. Innovative features strive to meet
the ever-growing struggle with “so much to do, so little time”.
By using the online annual calendar you can save time, become more organized, and enhance your company’s overall coherence.

Unfortunately, we have not found the solution for giving you more hours per day, but we have prioritized giving you a visually appealing approach to building your schedule, an easier way to create coherence in and between departments, and a tool for better project management – which perhaps can save you both time, and money?  

By providing you with a circle calendar template, you get an easy overview of your annual operating plan within your entire organization. Furthermore, you can create individual calendar rings in Calendardisc e.g. for your management team, your board of directors, or specific functions in your organization for instance the budget, and financial controlling system. Thereby making sure that everyone in your organization is up to date with what you’re doing by means of the interactive Calendardisc. 

“We use Calendardisc to plan activities for the whole year – week by week. All our managers have access to the Calendardisc so that they can schedule their meetings based on what is in the Calendardisc each week. We use Calendardisc for multiple things in our company: course planning, leader collections, team meetings, vacation planning, risk analyzes, follow-up of important customers.”

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30,000-Foot View or 1:1 Scale

Previously our statement has been: it’s not always in the details. Because the goal, if you strive to save time and become more organized, is to understand the grand scheme of things.  What managers often refer to as the 30,000-foot view, which takes reference to the way one views the entire landscape of an area from an airplane. However, as our company has continued innovating Calendardisc’s features, we have made it possible to view even more of the world from your seat on the plane – allowing users to include several layers of detail, all the way down to a daily and hourly basis. 

With Calendardisc’s circle schedule builder you can merge several circular templates, or divide large planning strategies into smaller fractions. Each small part of your Calendardisc can then be worked on individually, which can make a complicated process much easier to accomplish.

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Unique Time Management Overview

Because the calendar ring in Calendardisc builds on details within the master ring, you can see, compare, and contrast an almost unlimited number of planning details. For instance, in a marketing plan, you can view a whole year of social media, TV, offline, and outdoor campaigns in one circle calendar. Similarly, every department in the company can have their own individual calendar ring in Calendardisc, and simply join the rings, that are relevant for sharing with the rest of the company.

By using Calendardisc you get a new format for planning with a calendar, that provides your company with easier time management, better interaction in and between departments – thereby boosting your teamwork. You get an online and shareable calendar that you can customize to your needs. Moreover, the visualization in a circle makes it possible to see every little detail in one single frame – giving you the ultimate overview of your strategy.

So, if you too have so much to do, and too little time, then try visualizing your company activities in the customized strategic planning circle – Calendardisc  

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