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Boost Your Teamwork with Calendardisc

Enhance Teamwork and Become Even Better at Keeping Each Other in the Loop!

When working together in and between departments it's essential that everyone in the team is notified of the strategy, tasks, deadlines, responsibilities, meetings etc. in order to streamline the workflow and coordinate a shared coherent plan.

Team collaboration both in and between departments can be hard to manage. Things like who has the responsibility for what, and making sure that deadlines are kept, and that everything stays on track – are problems that every teamwork process faces. With Calendardisc, you and the rest of your co-workers can manage and visualize everything in one simple circle calendar. Here you can track everything you are working on in your team, and even make rings for each individual teammate if needed. You can easily add assignments, meetings, and ideas to the circle calendar, which your teammates instantly can see online.

Manage Your Workload

You can manage your calendar and plans for a whole year in one frame. This gives you a quick overview, of the workload of each teammate or department of the company. Providing you with insight into the workload in different departments, if specific teammates are busy, or perhaps who is free for a new assignment. This ensures that you and your team will meet all your deadlines, and that the workload will be shared evenly.

One of the main things when working in teams, and enhancing your teamwork is to create transparency. When you use Calendardisc, everyone in your team can access the circle calendar. This means that everyone knows what their teammate, or the different department is doing, and also why they are doing it – because every teammember is kept in the loop about the organization’s goals. This gives a better understanding of how every single task fits into the bigger picture.

By tracking the process visually in the circle calendar, everything is easier to understand, and the circle provides you with a quick and easy way of tracking your process.

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“Calendardisc provides us with the opportunity to optimize, both our short termed and long termed planning, and insures us greater synchronization across our organisation.”

Louise Jørgensen, Brand Manager,

User Friendly

Because a Calendardisc builds on details within the master ring, you can see, compare, and contrast an almost unlimited number af planning details. For instance if your team is working on a project, where everyone has their own specific assignments, but the tasks also co-exist, and are dependent on each other – and therefore has to be structured around each other. In this case you can simply make as many rings in the circle calendar, as you need, and then structure the different teammates’ assignments, so you can see how each individual task is aligned with the other teammates.

Even co-workers who are not going to work on the specific project, can see your process if you share the circle calendar with them. By visualization the project management in a circle it is possible to view every little detail in one single frame – giving you the ultimate overview of your teamwork. The tool is very user-friendly, and you can easily add tasks, meetings, projects, campaigns, new strategies etc., and plan your workload over time.

The Calendardisc simplifies the way your can work in teams in and between departments. It helps you better manage your workload, arrange meetings, and deadlines.
The circle calendar might just be your way to succesful teamwork.  

Ready to boost your teamwork?

0$ the first month – explore how the new format for an online calendar makes it possible
to view everything a once, and how the tool can enhance the succes of your teamwork!

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