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Round Calendar in HR

Most HR departments have scheduled the all HR activities throughout the year. To annually plan the HR activities, create an overview, as well as the opportunity to plan smarter and keep up with all the deadlines. It also means that HR activities do not disturb daily operations and are planned, so that the company’s core task is not compromised.  

What kind of HR activities are typically used in a Plandisc? Below are a few examples.  

  • Staff meetings with different departments
  • Kick-off meetings
  • Management meetings
  • Strategy Committee meetings
  • Operational goals
  • Notifications in accordance with government requirements
  • Course activities
  • Corporate dinner
  • Appraisal interviews
  • Leadership development talks 
  • Meetings with trust representatives
  • Employee surveys – satisfaction surveys
  • Salary discussions
  • Contract renewals 
  • Budget – FTE

Visualize the Calendardisc

In most well-functioning organisations transparency is highly valued, and HR activities throughout the year are visualized for everyone to see. The embedding-function in Calendardisc is tailored for this purpose. Each Calendardisc has a unique frame code, which makes it possible to integrate the Calendardisc on the organisations website.  

Each ring in Calendardisc has its own function

The round calendar gives you the option to add several rings to the same Calendardisc. That means, that the user can design each ring to their liking. For instance, one ring can define internal meetings, while another can define activities related to HR. The option to design each ring creates an exceptional overview of the annual cycle. 

Attach files

It’s possible to attach documents to your Calendardisc like word, PDF, excel etc.   This allows the HR division to attach business processes to the individual activity. This gives the option to attach agendas, transcripts, status measurements or something else completely that has relevance to the case.

Get started today!

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