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July 2018

Achieve Your Marketing Goals by Using a Planning Template

Having a successful marketing strategy involves many different factors. How you target your customers, and how strong your USP(unique selling proposition) is, and…

Marianne July 19, 2018

Managing GDPR Tasks by Using a Round Calendar

Since the 25th of May 2018, small as well as bigger businesses and corporations are obligated to comply with the new data security regulations.At first, it can…

Marianne July 17, 2018

Simplifying the School Year With a Circle Calendar

It requires comprehensive planning when teachers and school leaders are to ensure the school year runs successfully; this is where the circle calendar from Calendardisc…

Marianne July 11, 2018

How a Round Calendar Can Benefit the Board

Efficient annual planning is crucial for creating value in a board of directors. More and more companies have discovered the worth of implementing a digital round…

Marianne July 9, 2018