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How a Round Calendar Can Benefit the Board

How Using an Annual Round Calendar Can Create Value For the Board

Efficient annual planning is crucial for creating value in a board of directors. More and more companies have discovered the worth of implementing a digital round calendar in their yearly planning cycle. In this blog, you will get advice on integrating this planning tool.

Today, creating value is the most important element for the board’s daily work. For that reason, the board’s annual planning is crucial for maintaining a structure and overview of the many different tasks in the whole year. A digital round calendar is the ideal tool to create flow, where transparency, coherence and efficacy are key factors.

To ensure that relevant points and the work flow stays updated, it is recommended by the Danish counseling company Hildebrandt & Brandi to follow up by making status reports. With a digital interactive round calendar from Calendardisc, it is now possible to update the plan, whenever changes are implemented. In terms of the update, you can also benefit from the option of uploading reports, so everyone has a clear overview of which tasks are completed, and with what outcome.

CEO, Henrik Nielsen, from the biggest board network in Denmark recommends using Calendardisc:

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The planning and visualization tool from Calendardisc, is the best I’ve seen. It can definitely enhance the value of the board.

When you see Calendardisc for the first time, you might think it’s just a clever way of visualizing a round calendar. But as soon as you start working with the tool, you discover all the practical possibilities as well, like the link option for the company’s other planning tasks, board meetings, projects etc.

Henrik Nielsen, CEO, ASNET Board

Coordination of Planned Tasks Between Members and Stakeholders

The collaboration between members, owners and directors is another area where the features of Calendardisc is extremely helpful.

Henrik Nielsen, from ASNET Board, states in that regard, that Calendardisc simplifies the different tasks across the board. In that way, the conditions for  planning in unison are therefore ideal.

To successfully coordinate and get insight, the board can use Calendardisc, for sharing the round calendar, and also share each activity ring. The dynamic between all involved partners will then be optimized, and you will avoid losing information, and avoid confusion about delegation of the different activities and tasks.

Embedding of Calendardisc on Intranet or Website

Besides enhancing the collaboration and work flow, Calendardisc is also a great tool to give the whole organization insight, and a overview of what results are achieved.

By using the embedding and sharing function in Calendardisc, it’s possible to upload the interactive annual round calendar on the website of the organization. In this way, everyone in the organization can access the round calendar, and the attached files, and get an overview of the daily work in the board.

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