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Simplifying the School Year With a Circle Calendar

Give Your School More Time With a Digital Circle Calendar

It requires comprehensive planning when teachers and school leaders are to ensure the school year runs successfully; this is where the circle calendar from Calendardisc can be useful. If a team is delegated to produce an annual plan for the entire school, close coordination is important to make sure the activities are all well planned.

Using a digital circle calendar for this purpose, ensures events don’t collide with each other, that everyone knows of their tasks, and that there is time for free activities as well. Also, the overall plan needs to be manageable, to inform both students, parents and teachers. Many schools have now turned to digital planning tools, like the digital circle calendar to optimize their planning.

Streamlined Planning With a Digital Solution

A digital circle calendar is a tool which enables teachers and school leaders to coordinate a simple and easy accessible plan.

The innovative design makes changes made along the way, easy to implement on the intranet of the school. This way, you will save a lot of time by streamlining the different processes with a digital tool.

Also, a big advantage can be using the function in the tool, that sends reminders out to all people involved, prior to an event or activity.

Implementing a circle calendar in the school system, is not a new thing, but the possibilities in terms of interaction, and the easy way to adjust it, is definitely innovative.

Instead of making a brand new plan, or making comprehensive changes, the digital solution can make the planning a lot more simple. When the coordination takes place in this format, the team can get most benefit out of the overall plan.

A digital circle calendar can therefore make the everyday life run optimally, because both students, teachers and parents are well informed.

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