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Managing GDPR Tasks by Using a Round Calendar

How a Round Calendar Can Facilitate the GDPR Process

Since the 25th of May 2018, small as well as bigger businesses and corporations are obligated to comply with the new data security regulations.

At first, it can seem like a daunting task, ensuring the whole organization knows of the procedures, when to do them, and how to proceed.

This is where the annual round calendar from Calendardisc can be a helpful tool.

Having all the annual GDPR related tasks in one simple digital round calendar, assures that everyone assigned to the tasks, knows exactly when a task is due, who is responsible, and which exact data to manage.


Apart from having a better overview of the annual tasks connected to GDPR, in the round calendar, you can assign employees to one task, by using the “invite attendees” function in the calendar ring.

You can also send them a reminder the day before the task is due, by using the “due date” function.

Lastly, you can use labels to indicate the importance of the different tasks, e.g. red for top priority, and so forth.

These features enables your corporation to save both time and money, by streamlining the GDPR process with this easy-to-use digital tool.

How Using a Planning Template Can Simplify Your GDPR Procedure

With so many tasks and procedures to keep track of, it’s essential to construct a precise and clear plan. Using a round calendar planning template, makes your GDPR checklist easier to go through. E.g. you can create an activity every few months, and assign people to it, for deleting personal information in the database which no longer is needed.

Also, dividing your data into different categories can help with the overall overview. That could be a category with personal information like name, social security number, address, family information, credit card info and mail address.

Another category could be the sensitive data information like ethnicity, religious or political affiliations, union info, as well as genetic info, health and sexual orientation.

In Calendardisc, you can easily organize the different categories by giving them a separate color. That makes it easy to distinguish between personal or sensitive data, in the annual round calendar template.

When processing the data to comply with the GDPR regulations, it’s also important to establish if consent is needed to proceed, and establishing which data is relevant for the organization to keep.


As well as making an activity for deleting data, you could also make ongoing activities in the round calendar, for collecting consent from users of your website/service.

The tools in Calendardisc really simplifies the whole GDPR process, and can therefore enhance your overall business credibility, by safely helping you to process all the necessary data in a simple and effective manner.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is not legal advice and are for general information purposes only.
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