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Achieve Your Marketing Goals by Using a Planning Template

Collect All Your Marketing Strategies in One Template

Having a successful marketing strategy involves many different factors. How you target your customers, and how strong your USP(unique selling proposition) is, and finally how well your different strategies work together. Having all these in one dynamic, and easy-to-use planning template, makes you stay ahead of your competitors, and ultimately boosts your profits.

You can use the planning templates in Calendardisc, to create your very own marketing plan from scratch, or you can use one of the existing templates, and go from there. Having an annual overview of the online marketing strategies, conversion strategies as well as the partnerships and joint ventures, is crucial for maintaining a consistent business strategy.

Especially with partnerships and stakeholders, it can be a challenge to keep everyone in the loop, at all times. With the embedding function in Calendardisc, your planning template can be put on your intranet, so everyone in your organization is informed at all times – but also you can embed it on the intranet of your stakeholders, so they can easily follow the annual planning process.

You can also adjust the plan as you go, and share the calendar rings and activities with your partners.

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Adjusting Your Promotion Tactics

One of the most important aspects of your marketing plan, is how you choose to promote your product, and the channels you’ve selected to promote on.

How do you keep track of expenses, and how do you make ongoing changes in your promotion plan? By using a planning template from Calendardisc, you can easily modify your plan, as changes in the market or your business occur, or simply if you decide to switch strategy.

You also have a clear overview of the expenses, and you can attach excel spreadsheets to each activity, and assign the relevant people to it.

Check out the example of a marketing plan underneath, and play around with the many different features:

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