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Implementing a Year Round Calendar For Your University

Strategic Planning With a Year Round Calendar

Planning is an essential tool for achieving a coherent and successful strategy for any university.

Digital tools, such a year round academic calendar, can help in this process.

Many factors contribute to having a well functioning strategy, and connecting everything from strategic performance indicators, student number planning, risk management and annual academic review, in one easy to access digital plan.

A large university has many different departments, from management and administration to area specific faculties – how do you ensure that they all work together towards one goal and strategy?

One way could be to use one digital year round calendar, which everyone can access at all times.

You can create events, meetings, activities, upload files and assign relevant people to tasks, plus set reminders. The possibilities are endless.

Also useful is the embedding function in Calendardisc, which enables you to upload the round calendar to your intranet, so everyone can see it, and get updates on the planning.

Furthermore, the interactive digital design lets you to make changes as you go along, if those need to be implemented.

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Easy Overview of The Whole Academic Year

Having a clear overview of the academic year in one digital calendar, is the ideal way, a university can keep track of all the yearly events, holidays, activities and exams/re-exams.

Whether you’re looking to divide the academic year into quarters, e.g. summer quarter, autumn quarter etc, or simply just want an overview of the different deadlines (application deadlines, registration, tuition/fee assessment deadlines etc), Calendardisc will provide you with a template, which will encompass all these details.

You can also use labels to choose a color for each activity, e.g. you can color all the holiday periods green, and exam periods red. This makes it even simpler to get an overall perspective.


Sounds good? Try Calendardisc today for free, and experience how it can help your university plan even better!

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Planning template, planning tool, round calendar, circle calendar

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