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A Circle Calendar for Bank Planning

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors With a Circle Calendar

Strategic planning in today’s market, is vital for securing the ongoing success of a bank.

With a digital circle calendar, you can easily schedule the annual focal points and campaigns, such as investments, pensions, insurance, compliance, real estate etc. All the employees will then know exactly what is going on, and at what time, by having easy access to the circle calendar online.

Coherence, and making sure everyone is in tune with the vision and mission of the bank, is key.

You need that competitive edge, to set you apart from the many competitors on the scene. Analyzing the current market and your competitors, is another crucial point you need to look at.

You could create monthly or quarterly analyses, and result measuring activities in the digital circle calendar, to ensure that you stay on top. Remember you can color code the different activities, to give a more clear overview. E.g. all the insurance activities in a grey color etc.

Doing all this strategic planning using the circle calendar, will make you even more irresistible to potential customers, and will differentiate you from competition, by streamlining your employees with a precise plan, and essentially creating more value for the customers.

Keep Your Bank and Employees Compliant

Anti-Money-Laundering (AML), and ongoing compliance protocols, are now an important part of running a bank. To avoid regulatory fees and fines, it’s very important to keep the whole organization up-to-date with the compliance rules and regulations.

Creating a control framework inside the circle calendar, can help the compliance employees, know when they need to take action on a specific compliance topic. You can send reminders, as well as due dates, for the different tasks concerning AML/compliance, in the digital calendar.

It can improve the risk management long term, to implement a digital solution, like the circle calendar from Calendardisc. If you need a simple and easy overview, of the annual compliance tasks, and deadlines, using the digital calendar, will enable the compliance department to manage the ongoing controls, and thereby ensure the bank’s continuous credibility.

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