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Field trip planning with the circle calendar

Field Trip Planning With an Annual Circle Calendar

Planning your annual school field trips can be frustrating, as it requires a lot of organizing and risk evaluation. With the digital circle calendar, it’s easy to get an overview and it will allow you to keep track of all the field trips in the entire school year.

Even if you are looking for quarterly planning, or just want an overview of the different field trips, within the annual school year. Calendardisc is an easy tool which will provide you with organized templates, or with the option to start your planning from scratch.

Labeling your trips, and evaluating the planning risks, is easier with the new innovative color labeling system.  This will make it effortless for you to gain the needed overview, when it comes to your field trip planning. Set reminders for acquiring documentation, or for the departure and return dates for your trip.

Moreover, the digital circle calendar allows you to share your field trip data with your colleagues, or the school principal. All activities united in one single online platform can provide your school with the needed overview starting from field trips, vacations, or even final exams and the next soccer game.

Overview of the Full Annual School Year

When it comes to a school planning, having a clear overview of the annual year is of great importance.

Get a premade template from the Calendardisc site for the first term of your school year, or make one yourself. Calendardisc makes it easier to have a full annual plan or to divide your school year into terms or quarters. Templates with a basic school schedule will be provided, and you can develop it from there.

You can also embed the finished plan on your school’s website, so you can give the parents the needed information of vacation dates, field trips or school plays.

Does it sound good? Sign up today at Calendardisc and try the circle calendar planning tool for free!

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