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Planning Marketing Strategy with the Round Calendar

Staying in business means that every company needs to convert their plans into closed sales. In the case of closing sales, they will need a marketing strategy, to market their products or services to potential customers. When we are talking about marketing strategy, it is clear that a company may have more than one strategy at any given time.  In other words, they may be using various platforms, including networking, traditional marketing, and digital marketing.

A way of planning your marketing strategies is to use the innovative digital round calendar. This free tool will provide you with an overview of all your marketing activities, and help you evaluate the success of your campaigns.

This way, you can easily build upon your work, and at the same time adjust your marketing strategy planning.

Defining your customer

One of the most important steps, when it comes to planning your marketing strategy, is defining your preferred target group. Characterizing your ideal customer will help you to further develop your marketing strategy.

Once you have defied your preferred target groups, you can start creating your round calendar, in a way that will fit your marketing planning requirements. Setting your different target groups within different circles will enable you to plan your strategies separately for each target group.

Moreover, you can easily establish clear marketing goals per campaign, or per period of time. You can create your marketing strategy plan by months, quarters or a full year.  With the set goals, you will be able to measure your success.

By using the color labeling system, you can clearly separate your online activities from your offline ones. Uploading your own documents and setting follow up meetings for your campaigns, are some of the extra features that you can use for planning your annual marketing strategy.

Selecting your marketing tools

Reaching your customers means that you should set some marketing methods of advertising. Here, your choice will be divided between the traditional advertising and digital advertising.

The frequency of the advertising is of a great importance for both traditional and digital advertising. Hereby, you will need to create a plan of action and define the touchpoints you will have with your customers.

With the help of the round calendar, you can set campaigns for the different target groups, put reminders for your remarketing activities. Furthermore, you can set reminders for your AdWords and content creation.

Adding the activities for all your target groups and campaigns has never been easier. Now, you can have a clear overview of your annual marketing strategy.

Moreover, you can embed your round calendar in your webpage or share it with your colleagues. This way you will keep everybody on the same page and will have a clear establishment of tasks in the company.

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