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3 Types of Planning in the Round Calendar

As in any organization or institution, providing an overview of the yearly activities is of a great importance. Involving everyone in the daily workflow and having a more transparent organizational structure could improve your chances of achieving your annual goals.

With all this being said, it is clear that the annual overview is crucial for organizations. Now with the round calendar, you can display your organization three main plans:

Strategic Planning with the round calendar

The Strategic Plan is the “Top plan” of a company, it designs the whole organization planning and it begins with the organization’s mission. Moreover, the strategic plan is a picture of the desired future of the company, with well- presented long-term goals. This plan serves as a framework for further planning on the lower levels of a company.

Now with the round calendar, you can make sure you have a full overview of your strategic plan. Moreover, you can set your goals, and establish a clear strategy of how to achieve the growth, while improving productivity and profitability.

As you can imagine those goals are requiring the involvement of more than one department. With the round calendar, you can easily share your calendar or embed it on your company webpage, so it is accessible for all employees. Moreover, in the digital calendar, you can divide the tasks per departments and set separate goals for a period of time.

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Tactical Planning with the round calendar

The Tactical planning is the next step when it comes to the planning of an organization. This type of planning supports the strategic plan by putting it into a specified plan for a relevant part of the company. Typically, it defines a period of one year or less. Tactical plans are occasionally made for parts of the cooperation such as Marketing, HR,  Finance, and Production.

With the round calendar you can visualize all the responsibilities of the tactical plan and moreover, you can set different tasks for fulfilling the needed parts of the strategic plan.

The opportunity of having all departments tactical plans in one single digital calendar will provide the Top-level managers, with a clear overview of what is happening in the company and when. Moreover, having well-outlined steps will help you with the evaluation process. The tactical plan should be revised regularly, and therefore, you can set up reminders of meetings or different KPI’s to follow up on.

Operational planning with the round calendar

The Operational plan is at the bottom of the planning pyramid. This plan is created by the low-level managers, and it focuses on the specific processes and tasks that will occur in the organization. Routine tasks are planned, and a high level of details is required.

The operational plan in most of the cases is an ongoing plan, which should be easily adaptable. With the round calendar, you can set the day-to-day tasks with the opportunity of setting deadlines or even goals for your tasks. Moreover, assigning tasks to your coworkers and following up on their work is possible with the activity circle.

Organizing your projects, and setting follow up meetings to make sure everybody are on the same page, has never been easier. With the round calendar, you can gain the needed overview and increase the efficiency of your department.

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planning template, planning tool, circle calendar, round calendar
Planning template, planning tool, round calendar, circle calendar

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