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Manage Complex Marketing Planning with the Circle Calendar

Marketing planning in a large organization often means that there are several people or agencies responsible for different parts of the marketing plan. The multiple channels planning can be time-consuming, and it can include tasks such as printing, broadcasting, marketing events planning.

The challenge for the marketing managers is keeping track of everything and organize further activities. Further, in this article, we will look into create complex plans in by using Calendardisc.

Visualize your collaborations

When it comes to complicated marketing plans, it is clear that sometimes there can be more than one marketing manager. Sometimes, too many managers can mess up a perfectly good plan. This is the reason why complex marketing plans are in need of a planning tool that is flexible enough to accommodate them.

Calendardisc, is a collaborative planning tool which allows one person to have the control over the main marketing plan when at the same time allows other to contribute. All this without having the confusion and misunderstanding between people.

Moreover, the circle calendar provides project managers with the complete overview of everybody’s plan. With this opportunity, you are capable to get the input of everyone else without being overwhelmed of the other plans.

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Quick Start

A quick start is very important when it comes to marketing managers. With the Circle Calendar, you have the opportunity to create multiple plans at the same time in different rings. With the flexible structure, you can add campaigns on the go or manage your current activities.

With the Circle Calendar, you need to establish a clear goal and expand your plan from there. Managing your plans is easy with Calendardisc, due to the fact it gives you a perfect overview of all your channels.

Last but not least, you can identify gaps in your plan, moreover, you can now fix overlapping events or campaigns.

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