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Creation of Academic Calendar 2018-2019 with the Round Planning tool

Create a full overview of your Academic year with the Round Calendar

The first thing you will have to do when creating your Annual Academic Calendar with the digital planning tool is to establish your repeating events and see which are you most important activities in the upcoming year.

Here you will have to set up the dates for the beginning and end of your terms. For example, if your Autumn term is starting on September 20 and it ends on December 13, you can just create one activity as such and copy it for the rest of the terms.

Moreover, you can set up dates for the days of the introduction of your new students and create a plan of activities for those days. As the process of beginning the Academic year can be hard to figure out, since there are a lot of activities within a short period of time, you can easily create different circles within the same round calendar and have a complete clear overview when it comes to what happens when.

This will help you not to overlap activities with each other, and it will make it easier to establish a clear path of action.

Make sure your plan is always updated

Once you have established your overview and you have divided your calendar into quarters, you can start filling up activities for each of your main periods.

Here you can include all your plans such as the opening of course, elements dates, introduction days, and even Preliminary Study list deadlines. You can as well add the dates of exams and last days of classes per each of your quarters. This way you will end up with a complete calendar with all activities and important dates.

Once you have created the final calendar, you can sign up activities to your colleagues for example or invite people to events that are happening at the campus of your University. Moreover, you can embed the final round calendar on your webpage and give a total overview of the year to all teachers and students.

And as we are aware that changes always occur once the planning process is over, you can always adapt your calendar to the new environment and make changes to the plan. With the flexibility of the round calendar, you can make sure you are always on the right path and everyone are on the same page even if the plan is changed.

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