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Successful Planning Cycle for Schools with the Circle Calendar

In many schools, the decision over how schools should improve and how resources should be allocated are highly separated.  With the help of the circle, calendar principals can manage the full planning cycle for the next academic year and integrate all departments in the plan.

Changes in the resources and future plans can be expected and thus the reasoning behind using a flexible planning tool with annual year visualization. With the circle calendar schools will be able to create a clear plan of action for the upcoming year and set up measurable goals when it comes to success.

Setting up performance goals and Improvement priorities with the Circle Calendar

The school planning teams are occasionally the once to establish the preliminary goals and prioritize activities in advance for the next academic year. Thus a plan has to be created so the school leaders can strategically evaluate the tradeoffs accordingly to the performance data.

With the Circle Calendar, the planning teams can establish clear goals within the annual school plan and set measuring points. Moreover, they can schedule check-up meetings to develop or adapt the current plan of action for the upcoming year.

When it comes to schools, the fact is that they are basing their upcoming year plans on the previous or current year data. Thus it can get frustrating to create a plan for the upcoming year if you do not have the data for comparison from the current school year.

With the Circle Calendar, you can create a plan establishing a clear overview of all activities in your current academic year, so the planning teams can have some understanding of how the future plan can be developed from this point forward.

Distribution of academic resources with the Circle Calendar

Each year schools are receiving school allotments, that should be further on distributed correctly between the needs of the school. Sequentially, the school planning teams are allocating parts of this budget accordingly to the clearly established goals of success and development of the school.

However, in case of making sure those allotments are used as they are supposed to a certain set of guidelines is needed. With the help of the Circle Calendar, the planning teams can create and share documents with their colleagues and make sure that they keep the transparency in the school. Moreover, the establishment of certain guidelines will provide the necessary need of everybody being on the same page about the fundings.

Creation of Staffing timelines and creation of a step by step plan of action

Once the goals were set and the fundings were allocated, then it’s time for the master plan to take action. In this step, it is important to create a clear timeline of events when it comes to your staff.

With the Circle calendar, you can create a visualized plan of action, including a schedule for the yearly holiday vacations, exam periods, school games and trips. Being able to make the decision as early as possible will provide you with a complete overview of your future year plan. This way you can adapt your circle plan if needed and create a full academic overview for your school.

Last but not least, you can embed the newly created circle plan on your school webpage to make sure everybody has an access point.

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