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7 Reasons Why Schools Need A Strategic and Operational Plan Part 2

5. The Strategic and Operational plan can increase the communication and engagement of the employees

In organizations as schools, communication is critical for success. Everyone should be able to understand their responsibilities and moreover, they should be able to coordinate and work effectively with each other. The good collaboration between the different team is initially the main difficulty when it comes to schools. Thus, those plans can be beneficial when it comes to the establishment of a clear vision and strategy.

6. A strategic plan can keep everyone in the school connected

A well implemented strategic plan can have a positive impact on keeping all staff accountable for their actions and moreover, it can establish new channels of communication and collaboration between different teacher teams. This way they will be able to achieve the common goal and vision faster and thus, improve the workflow efficiency.

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7. Last but not least the strategic plan benefits the most important part of all school: the students

Most importantly, if the school has a well working and communicated strategic plan and organization the, a part of the benefit will be the success of the students. This is due to the fact that the strategic plan provides a framework of what are the most important priorities of the school and thus, provides students with a map of the full cycle of their education.

How to set up your strategic and organisation plan with the Circle Calendar

With the help of the Circle Calendar, you are now able to create a full visualization of your annual plans and Strategic Plan. Moreover, you can do this with only a few clicks so let’s look into the process of creation of your strategic plan.

The first step is to create your circle calendar. Afterward, you will see the option of adding up different events and setting up reminders. Once you have imported all your main activities such as exam periods, school trips and vacations, you can start setting up important board meetings or establish periods when you should hire new staff if needed.

Moreover, now you are able to share your calendar with your coworkers and organize all activities in one single place that will provide you with the perfect overview of your schools annual year. With the function of embedding now, you can share the calendar on the main page of the school and make sure everyone is up to date on the plan.

Are you interested in reading more about the Annual School Planning process with the Round Calendar 

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