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Make your School Calendar round

Every teacher has the students’ best interest in mind when planning the curriculum for the year. This means thorough planning which sometimes can be quite the challenge because it needs to mirror the curriculum from the past year. Going through different documents from different classes will make you confused and make you lose focus. That’s why you need Calendardisc.


With an interactive and digital school calendar you can easily go through your past curriculums for inspiration and get a full overview of your plans.

DIY or create from templates

Calendardisc will provide you with a full overview of ALL the annual school activities at one glance, and that’s including activities that might overlap. You can easily read the situation you’re in through the Calendardisc. You can design your new calendar just how you like it with different rings and colors.


If you prefer working from a template, we have lots of various pre-made templates to choose between. Just pick the one that fits your needs and get started!

School Calendar in Outlook

When you’ve made your school calendar in Calendardisc you can synchronize it with your Outlook Calendar so you can easily get your Outlook meetings into your school calendar. This way you will be able to stay updated and have a complete overview of your private and professional life and see if any activities from the two worlds collide.

Share and prepare

When you’re done planning for the school year you can share your school calendar with your coworkers if there’s is a need for it. You can choose to share the whole Calendardisc or just share single rings with whomever you like.  

You can also embed the school calendar on your intranet so everyone can see it. They can also see descriptions of the different activities without logging in. This makes it easy for your coworkers to get an overview of what you’ve planned for the year and keep track.

Do you want to make your planning easy and pain free? Sign up and get creative!

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