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Why use a balanced school calendar?

There’s so much talk about the traditional school calendar and the modified calendar – what’s best for the students? There are many pros and cons for this modified calendar.

Ideally, it means that you break the long summer vacation up and add more days to the shorter vacations throughout the year. This way the students’ will not have a long summer vacation (60 days) and it will be easier to start on new topics without having a long period of recaps from last year’s curriculum.

Especially the mathematical material students have a tendency of forgetting over the summer vacation, so there will be a need to go through last year’s math curriculum again when starting the new year.

With the modified calendar the students will also have a shorter learning period which doesn’t necessarily mean more intense studying, but this might make the study time more manageable because of the shorter period. This way the students will have more breaks throughout the year and therefore more frequent breaks for the brain to process the material.

Here you can see how the school year would look like compared to the current traditional school year. It might be good for both the students, parent and teachers to visualize the more frequent free time.

Calendardisc could be an amazing tool for planning this exact change. With this tool you can plan down to the most specific detail how the lessons and teaching should revolve.

Calendardisc is a planning tool which is visualized in a round calendar, to make planning more foreseeable. You are able to plan events, trips or even projects parralel to the teaching without missing out on anything.

With calendardisc you can visualize for both the teachers, students and perhaps parents what the plans are for the year. This way everyone will have a great overview of what’s coming.

Make the student life more likable with more frequent breaks throughout the year and end up with a much better end result when planning with Calendardisc.

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