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Evaluate directly in your calendar

evaluation module in calendar

Why evaluate?

It is commonly known that it is a good idea to evaluate on activities in the organization, but why is it so important?

There can be a long time from making the annual plan 2019 until you make the annual plan 2020. During that period of time, a large number of activities have been held in the organization and there have been many people involved. Not only can it be difficult to remember your thoughts on certain activities, there may also be many participants whose thoughts are never heard. These experiences can have a great impact on the success of the activitiy next year, as they can help optimize in many ways. It may be that some co-workers have ideas on how to make the activity more effective, educational or beneficial. Therefore, it is always a good idea to evaluate activities, as there is a possibility that the approach will be optimized for next year. After several years of evaluation, it may be close to perfect!

It might seem overwhelming to evaluate many activities in the organization, so how do you get it done effectively? It does not have to take long to evaluate if you use the right tool.

Evaluate in Calendardisc

We have made every effort to ensure that evaluation is as fast, easy and rewarding as possible. Therefore, Calendardisc allows you to:

  • write notes for each activity once it is completed
  • make a quick survey when you create activities
  • request co-workers or stakeholders for evaluation directly from the planning tool
  • set a deadline for evaluation, which the participants are informed about
  • access previous evaluations easily as they are stored directly on the activity
  • view last year’s evaluation automatically if the activity is repeated.


Here's one example

Here is an example of an evaluation of a workshop. The data will always be accessible as it is stored directly on the activity.

Evaluation calendar

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