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About us

We are Calendardisc

Calendardisc is the world’s first digital circle calendar. It’s Easy, Visual, Sharable, and Interactive. Your strategic planning is an ongoing process that continues year around – that’s why Calendardisc is a circular calendar.

We are a user-driven innovative company. We listen to our users’ feedback, and strive to continue to develop Calendardisc – so we can provide you with the best visual solutions for your annual strategic planning, and constantly enrich our users with new features. 

Calendardisc originates from the Danish company, Plandisc was initially developed as a planning tool for schools, but not soon after the launch, organizations from all sorts of industries began signing up for the tool. Therefore, we have continued to innovate the tool and its features to suite many different types of organizations.

Hey! We're innovaters.

Do you like the circle calendar? We love to get feedback on our tool – so if you have tried Calendardisc, let us know what you think! We really appreciate it.

Our Mission

Our mission? We’d like to say “Saving the world from the ever-growing struggle with so much to do, so little time.We unfortunately have not found the solution to giving you more hours per day, but we’d like to save our customers from using too many resources on planning and thereby let them focus on doing.

With the circular calendar, you get transparency in your organization as the tool provides valuable insight into other departments and improves teamwork.