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Free Calendar For Associations

Administer association activities

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Customized overview

Making the annual plan for an association, nonprofit or club can be chaotic with the great amount of administrative assignments. With the circular planning tool however, you get to customize the overview to fit your annual association activities. The calendar is built up by rings concerning relevant themes. Create rings based on board meetings, events, teams or whatever fits your asociation’s needs.

Great calendar for athletics and sports

The circular format of Calendardisc is perfect for planning the athletic year. Members of the athletic club/association can easily view sport activities at a glance. Furthermore, the different subjects in athletics and sports (such as board of directors, tournaments, practice, etc.) are perfectly visualized by different rings.

Integrates with Outlook

The tool enables you to synchronize your Outlook calendar with Calendardisc so you can easily get your Outlook meetings in a round association calendar. You can even send calendar invitations and email notifications to responsible members or volunteers when you are close to a  deadline! This enables for a very efficient planning process.

Interactive calendar

A calendardisc is an interactive calendar as you can easily share parts of your association calendar with members, volunteers or keep relevant stakeholders updated by embedding the calendar on your website or intranet. These features provides you with the opportunity to keep the whole association informed about ongoing activities.

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Calendardisc is a free calendar that is perfect for clubs and associations. Use it to create your annual association plan and experience a great overview! The membership is without commitment, as you can cancel your subscription at any time, if you do not like the tool. 

Connect with Outlook

Send meetings from your Outlook calendar to Calendardisc! You can find the add-in in the Outlook Store and syncronize the two calendars. From now on, your annual association calendar will be more efficient and easy!