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Optimize your organizational planning process in 2019!

Customized overview

Calendardisc is a great planning tool for both companies and public institutions (e.g., schools) as it provides you with a full overview of all annual activities at a glance, including overlapping activities. Specifically, you can customize the calendar to fit the needs of your company/organization by dividing the calendar into relevant themes. Click here to see an example.

Integrates with Outlook

The tool enables you to synchronize your Outlook calendar with Calendardisc so you can easily get your Outlook meetings in a round organizational calendar. In the same way, you can send meetings directly from your calendardisc to your Outlook calendar. This enables for a very efficient planning process.

Interactive calendar

A calendardisc is an interactive calendar as you can easily share parts of your calendar with teammates or keep relevant stakeholders updated by embedding the calendardisc on your website or intranet. It is even possible to make a joint calendar that your whole team can administer. When you share the calendar, you decide who gets access and whether the calendar should be editable or not.

Free Planning Tool

Why choose a round calendar?

In scandinavia, it is common to use a round calendar for planning the business year. The round format is especially great when dealing with cyclical planning processes. Specifically, you can view the whole year at once and easily copy and customize the calendar for next year.


Thus, the round calendar is ideal if you are administering organizational activities that appear every year. You do not have to make a new calendar annually, but solely the small changes you may have.

Business calendar

Click here to see a large image. The round overview is perfect for visualizing the annual business plan. In this way, it appears in the corporate calendar what different departments have of activities at the same time.  Each department in the company can have their own calendar and share a ring with interested parties. Thus, you can combine rings from different departments in one business calendar that will get updated automatically. This will provide great structure for stakeholders that are interested in your business calendar, such as management, board members or employees. Check out our template and get started with your new business calendar!

School calendar

Click here to see a large image. In scandinavia, it is very common to use a round calendar for illustrating the school year. In this way, you can view all annual activities and holidays at a glance. School management or teachers can use it for curriculum, courses, parent meetings and/or school holidays. It is very easy to copy and customize the calendar for each school year, which enables for an efficient planning process. Thus, the round calendar is ideal if you are administering school activities that appear every year. You do not have to make a new school calendar annually, but solely copy the previous one and make the small changes you may have. Check out our template.

Marketing calendar

Click here to see a large image. Making the annual marketing plan can be chaotic with seasonal campaigns on various of marketing channels. With the round calendar however, you get to customize the overview to fit your marketing plan and marketing strategy. Create rings based on overall campaigns, marketing channels, social media content or whatever fits your needs. The marketing department and other relevant stakeholders can benefit from this overview as the whole marketing year can be viewed at one glance in a circular calendar. Keep everyone updated on running campaigns with this marketing plan! Check out our marketing template and get started with your new marketing or SoMe calendar!

Calendar for the board

Click here to see a large image. Board members usually have a lot of meetings and annual activities to keep track on. With the circular overview, you can easily divide the calendar into themes that fit the activities of your board. The calendar can be embeded on your website or intranet so all board members have easy access. It is also possible to create a shared calendar that every board member can access and edit. Check out our template.

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Calendardisc is a free calendar that is perfect for organizational planning. Use it to create your annual business or marketing plan and experience a great overview! The membership is without commitment, as you can cancel your subscription at any time, if you do not like the tool. 

Connect with Outlook

Send meetings from your Outlook calendar to Calendardisc! You can find the add-in in the Outlook Store and syncronize the two calendars. From now on, your annual marketing or business plan will be more efficient and easy!