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Circular school calendar

A new school year usually demands a great amount of planning, and we want to help you with that! Try a circular calendar and streamline your planning process.


In Scandinavia, it is very common for schools to use a circular calendar for visualizing the school year. This is due to the fact that you get a full view of the whole year at a glance. Furthermore, it is easy to repeat activities, which is useful because many schools have the same activities in their calendar every year.


With Calendardisc, you get a circular calendar that is built up by rings. You can customize the overview to fit the needs of your school by choosing how many rings to include in the calendar as well as the themes of these rings. You can even choose that the calendar should solely show one semester at a time– you decide the period.


See the example of a school calendar below, but keep in mind that you can customize the rings as you like. View a large image here.


Calendardisc is free! No commitment.

Share the circular calendar

Calendardisc is an interactive calendar, which you can easily share with coworkers, parents, the school board and whomever you like. You can share a whole calendardisc or a single ring. You can embed the calendardisc on the school’s intranet or website. When you share your calendardisc with others, you decide whether they can edit the calendar and whether they need a password to view it.

Evaluate in the calendar

It is commonly known that evaluation of school activities and courses is important. In Calendardisc, it is possible to create a short survey and send it to relevant participants. You can also make notes for next year’s planning. Either way, the evaluation is easy to access as it is saved directly on the activity. If you repeat the activity for next year, you wil automatically be notified about last year’s evaluation.

Synchronize with Outlook

If you have an Outlook calendar, you can synchronize it with your calendardisc. When you create an activity, you can simply send calendar invitations to yourself and other participants. In this way, the activity will appear in your Outlook calendar. It is also possible to install an Outlook add-in, which enables you to update your calendardisc with the meetings you add to your Outlook calendar.

Sign up for free!

Sign up for free

It is completely free to sign up for Calendardisc. Get on the scandinavian planning wave and try a round calendar today! The membership is without commitment, as you can cancel your subscription at any time, if you do not like the tool. 

Connect with Outlook

Send meetings from your Outlook calendar to Calendardisc! You can find the add-in in the Outlook Store and syncronize the two calendars. From now on, your annual planning process will be very efficient and much easier.