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Circle Calendar

Use the circle calendar template in your company, to visualize your strategic planning on a yearly basis on an interactive platform.
The circle calendar provides you with transparency in, and between departments!
Boosting your teamwork and making task management easier.
It’s easy, visual, sharable, and interactive.

What our users say about the circle calendar!

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Home appliances, online

The Calendardisc tool contributes greatly to how we can inform and include relevant stakeholders in our future marketing campaigns and activities. Especially the function of adapting the round calendar (sharing of activity rings) to different stakeholders, has been beneficial for us.

– Chanette Bak, Brand Coordinator

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Nordic postal delivery service

We are very pleased with Calendardisc. We sent some improvement suggestions at the start, and Calendardisc took action right away. We use Calendardisc to plan activities for the whole year – week by week. All our managers have access to the Calendardisc so that they can schedule their meetings based on what is in the Calendardisc each week. We use Calendardisc for multiple things in our company: course planning, leader collections, team meetings, vacation planning, risk analyzes, follow-up of important customers.

– Servet Filizer, Operator

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Home appliances, online

Calendardisc provides us with the opportunity to optimize, both our short termed and long termed planning, and insures us greater synchronization across our organisation.

– Louise Jørgensen, Brand Manager

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