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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a circular calendar?

Calendardisc is a planning tool for organizations that provides you with an online circular calendar. The circular format enables for a great overview of all annual activities and the calendar is easy to copy and customize for next year. Thus, Calendardisc is great for cyclical planning as you can easily transfer your calendar every year. Furthermore, Calendardisc is an interactive tool as you can combine or share your calendar with coworkers. 

Why choose a circular calendar?

We have created a tool that is not formed in traditional shapes such as columns, rows, or boxes, because we want to facilitate your company’s continuous development. Your strategic planning is an ongoing process that continues year around – that’s why Calendardisc is a circular planning tool. Furthermore, the circular format gives a complete overview of all annual activities at a glance, and you can easily copy and customize the calendar every year for a cyclical planning process.

How to get started with Calendardisc?

Sign up with your email. You get access to all features with our free version (up to 99 users). If you need more than 99 users, please contact us about the enterprice subscription plan. To get started with the planning tool and it’s features, check out our “How-to guide”. Here you can find tutorials with need-to-know and nice-to-know tips on how to get started using Calendardisc.

What's the price?

You can choose between three versions:
– Free version (the tool is completely free, but has limitations)
– Business version (Get access to all features for $150 per year)
– Enterprice version (if you are interested in an enterprise solution with multiple users, please contact us to get an offer)

Can multiple users work on one calendardisc?

Yes! Calendardisc is an interactive planning tool as you can easily share parts of your calendar with teammates or keep relevant stakeholders updated by embedding the calendardisc on your website or intranet. It is even possible to make a joint calendar that your whole team can administer. When you share the calendar, you decide who gets access and whether the calendar should be editable or not. Find tutorials in the “How-to guide“.

What is Plandisc?

Calendardisc originates from Plandisc, which is the first digital tool for circular planning. The Calendardisc brand is present in USA whereas Plandisc is predominant in Europe.

For any other questions, please feel free to write us – we’d love to talk.
Otherwise go check out our How-to guide.