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Join the Journey of the
Circle Calendar

With Calendardisc we’ve created a new format – an online circle calendar.
Your strategic planning is an ongoing process that continues year around, that’s why Calendardisc is a circle calendar template.
The circle calendar facilitates your company’s journey which is also circular and in continuous development.
The calendar template enhances your collaboration, and overview in each department.
It’s Easy, Visual, Sharable, and Interactive!

Want to see the benefits of a circle calendar?

Got questions? Here are some of the frequently asked!

What is a circle calendar?

A Calendardisc is a new format for an online calendar – a circle calendar. It’s a strategic planning tool that makes your work even more efficient. With a circle calendar template you get an annual operating plan providing you with an overall view. A circle calendar can provide you with valuable insight into other departments of your company, as every division of your organization can work together on Calendardisc – thereby making sure that the activities in the company are coherent.

How to get started with our circle calendar?

You just sign up with your e-mail. To get to know the tool better go check out our “How-to guide”. Here you can find tutorials, with need-to-know, and nice-to-know tips on how to get started using Calendardisc.

What's the price?

You can choose between two sign-up options:
– It is ALL free, if you are no more then 99 persons in your organization.
– When more the 100 persons the price is $79.

Can multiple users work on one Calendardisc?

You can work from one user, up to as many as you like on one Calendardisc. You can share your circle calendar with non-users – however every user must have an account to edit the Calendardisc.
We recommend that you, as a minimum, have a user-account for every department in your organization, so you can collaborate on your company’s coherent activities.

Ready to get organized?


The circle calendar can be used for many different purposes both in- and between departments in your organization – enhancing your collaboration, and overview in each department. Explore how the new format for an online calendar makes it possible to view everything at once, and how it’s connected to each other.