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Liturgical calendar

Great planning tool for the church

Make your 2019 liturgical calendar with Calendardisc!

Customized overview

Calendardisc is a great calendar tool for churches as it provides you with a full overview of all annual church activities at a glance. We experience that churches use our tool to create a liturgical calendar because of the round format and color choices. See an example here.

Integrates with Outlook

The calendar tool enables you to synchronize your Outlook calendar with Calendardisc so you can easily get your Outlook meetings in a round calendar. In the same way, you can send meetings directly from your calendardisc to your Outlook calendar. This enables for very efficient planning of the church year.

Interactive calendar

A calendardisc is an interactive calendar as you can easily share parts of your calendar with others or keep everyone updated about the church year by embedding the liturgical calendar on your website. It is even possible to make a joint calendar that your whole team can administer. When you share the calendar, you decide who gets access and whether the calendar should be editable or not.

Make a liturgical calendar

1. Customize the overview 


A calendardisc is a round calendar that is built up by rings. You can divide the church calendar into different rings each symbolizing a relevant theme. You can also settle for one ring for a classic liturgical calendar.


2. Add activities 


When you have made the layout of your liturgical calendar, you can add meetings and activities to it. You can even attach notes or documents for easy access! With the Outlook add-in, you can transfer meetings from your Outlook calendar directly to your calendardisc. Quick and easy!


3. Share it 


Next, it would be time to make your liturgical calendar interactive. You can share the calendardisc with other users or you can simply embed it on the church website!

Calendar for churches and priests.

Sign up for free!

Sign up for free

It is completely free to sign up for Calendardisc. Get on the scandinavian planning wave and try a round calendar today! The membership is without commitment, as you can cancel your subscription at any time, if you do not like the tool. 

Connect with Outlook

Send meetings from your Outlook calendar to Calendardisc! You can find the add-in in the Outlook Store and syncronize the two calendars. From now on, your annual planning process will be very efficient and much easier.