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7 reasons why you should try Calendardisc

  • You get a full overview of all annual activities at one glance
  • You can syncronize your Outlook calendar with Calendardisc
  • You can customize the overview to fit the needs of your educational institution
  • You can easily share parts of your calendar with teammates
  • You can embed calendardisc on your intranet to keep everyone updated
  • You get a view of overlapping activities
  • It’s completely free. So why not try it?

Try Calendardisc now!

In Scandinavia, it is very common for educational institutions to use a round calendar, as it gives the perfect overview of the school year.



Try it now and discover the effectiveness and great overview that only a round calendar can give you.

How to make a calendardisc

A calendardisc is a round calendar that is built up by rings. To make a calendardisc, you need to consider what themes in your educational institution you want to include in the overview. You name the rings with these themes, which could be courses, school holidays, parent meetings, curriculum etc. Get inspired by our many free templates.


When you have made the layout of your calendardisc, you can add meetings and activities to it. You can even attach files, images, tables, deadlines and much more to the calendar for easy access. With the Outlook add-in, you can transfer meetings from your Outlook calendar directly to your calendardisc. Quick and easy!


Next, it would be time to make your calendar interactive. You can share a whole calendar or a ring with teammates, so you can plan together and keep everyone updated!

Sign up for free

Sign up for Calendardisc

It is completely free to sign up for Calendardisc. Get on the scandinavian planning wave and try a round calendar today! The membership is without commitment, as you can cancel your subscription at any time, if you do not like the tool. 

Get the Outlook add-in

When you have signed up for calendardisc and created your first round calendar, you can find the add-in in the Outlook Store and syncronize the two calendars. From now on, your annual planning will be very efficient and much easier.