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Why make a new annual plan every year?

News for users of the round calendar:

Repeat important activities year after year

Have you also tried to start from scratch with the annual planning, event though many of the activities are the same next year?

Now it is possible for Calendardisc-users to create a round calendar that repeats plans, which also must be taken care of next year. In this way, there if no need to copy or reproduce activities which are cyclical.

Other than repeating meetings, events and tasks, the round calendar can be set to rotate as the year progresses. In this way, you get a plan that not just shows the rest of the year but also 12 months ahead.

See 12 months ahead with the revolving round calendar

The digital round calendar is ideal for visualizing and coordinating plans which are cyclical. But with the new revolving round calendar, the view is improved even further.
In the video you can see how you create a round calendar that rotates around as the year progresses.

Repeat important plans next year

In the video you can how easy it is to set tasks or events to repeat next year. Avoid having to start from scratch with an annual plan that covers much of the same content than last year.

Let the wheel spin and repeat the successes year after year.

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Calendardisc is a free calendar that is perfect for clubs and associations. Use it to create your annual association plan and experience a great overview! The membership is without commitment, as you can cancel your subscription at any time, if you do not like the tool. 

Connect with Outlook

Send meetings from your Outlook calendar to Calendardisc! You can find the add-in in the Outlook Store and syncronize the two calendars. From now on, your annual association calendar will be more efficient and easy!