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planning template, planning tool, circle calendar, round calendar

Marketing Overview

A template that shows your main campaigns, and how e.g. your online campaigns are structured around them. Remember that you can customize the template as you like.

Year round calendar, academic round calendar, planning tool, free template

School Year

Check out how a school can use the circle calendar to view projects, vacations, and exams for high school students in the 8th and 9th grade.

Marketing Plan

Have a look into a marketing calendar with main campaigns, social media campaigns, magazine releases, launches etc. See how the new format for an online calendar makes it possible to view everything at once, and how it’s connected to each other.

Board of Directors

The circle calendar can also be used as an overview for deadlines, committee work and meeting schedules. You can customize the template to your needs.

Year round calendar, circle calendar, planning tool, free template

Organization Activities

You can use Calendardisc to keep everyone in your organization in the loop about what’s going on in different departments, e.g. finance, marketing, and customer-support. Thereby creating transparency between departments.

planning template, planning tool, circle calendar, round calendar

Corporate Plan

View your organization’s activities in different countries to make sure, that your overall corporate plan is known, and aligned in every country.